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Service Concept

       Service Tenetcustomer first, honesty; all-weather, all-round, dedicated customer service.
       Service Culturethe timely, proactive, professional and efficient
       Timely !! Opening telephone hotline service and automatic fax back system, Aung cattle units and marketing services
                              provide users with the nearest, timely and efficient service. 
       Sincere !!Good user-oriented, establish and improve the user files, take the first visit and regular visits to active service
                               and other measures to foster staff awareness of the right customer service, follow the "good faith and
                               customers Cooperation, so the user a reliable friend "of the service standards, good services in order to
                               provide users with a sincere attitude of service. 
       Active !! Not only to take the initiative in a timely manner in response to user requests for services bit by bit, but also to
                            continue to complete the adoption of a service plan, the system for users to resolve issues that may be
       Professional !! Strict compliance with the professional service contract commitments, and in accordance with the
                                         provisions and scope of services, standards and processes to provide services for users. 
       Efficient !! services must be effective, rather than limited to a loud slogans. Crown of the effectiveness of services built 
                                on a high level of service to all employees and staff awareness and personal interests Related
                                systems to ensure on. 
       Omni-directional !! All-round services to the Group of Aung cattle is not a point but a surface, covering the technical
                                                services and application services, as well as all levels of this derivative.
Service Concept
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