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Chairman Speech
              Welcome to visit Fujian Aung cattle group portal. First of all, thank you for Aung cattle has been a valuable support group
    and the Group "XTeJi" Brand's long-term interest! Here you can fully understand that we compare the situation of enterprises.
              Time flies, as the footsteps of history, as the business development of the industry, we have gone through 8 years of
    growth, the development process. Enterprise has just begun Was established in Xiamen, involving railway communication
    product development, production and sales, now there are a number of the Group's wholly-owned subsidiary, involving
    multiple industries and products And enrichment, regardless of quantity or quality, the Ngong bovine group to a new level.Ang
    Group grow cattle, can not be separated from friends in the community Understanding and support, new and old customers
    can not be separated from the concern and care for many years, so we will not forget the burden of social responsibility and 
    friends of Our expectations and encouragement, we will continue to maintain the innovative spirit and entrepreneurial passion
    to enhance our technology, improve our management, experience Our team at the same time, continue to praise "Happy
    dedication" of the entrepreneurial spirit, and will do its utmost to pursue the practice of "service at any time on your side," the
    purpose of serving. I They always think: What do you support the growth of our nutrition, your recognition of the soil are vital to
    our survival. 
              Dear friends, after development, we have several times to build up a brave struggle to temper staff have accumulated
    over the years the formation of innovative mechanisms and systems, There are constantly new resources reserves and the
    rapid development of high-tech industries, Aung cattle will continue to be high profile, brand-new outlook, the essence of hard
    pragmatic God, seize opportunities, meet challenges, to accelerate development and create social value! 
              Thank you once again to our attention and support. Welcome to our web site for their valuable comments and
     suggestions, you are welcome to come visit Fujian Aung cattle group Guidance.
                                                                                                                                          Aung cattle Group Chairman, President: Wu A Niu
Chairman Speech
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